At Forever Smiles Orthodontics, we want your teen to enjoy all of the benefits of orthodontic treatment with the beautiful esthetics of Invisalign. Invisalign treatment is a series of clear aligners that consistently applies pressure to your teen’s teeth to shift them into the perfect position for the smile of a lifetime. Our team understands that teens want the freedom to do what they want during treatment, and Invisalign aligners are easily removable and virtually invisible so they fit seamlessly into your teen’s lifestyle.

How Often Do I Have to Wear My Aligners?

For Invisalign treatment to be as effective as possible, it’s essential that you keep your clear aligners in for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. The two to four-hour window gives you enough time to eat, drink, brush your teeth and more without slowing your treatment progress. If you leave your aligners out for too long, your teeth may begin to shift back into their original position, and it could extend your time in treatment. To achieve your forever smile in a timely manner, make sure you have your aligners in so they can apply consistent pressure to your shifting teeth.

Is There Anything That I Cannot Eat While Using Invisalign?

There are no dietary restrictions for Invisalign patients. Unlike with braces, there is no threat of hard, sticky, or chewy foods damaging your brackets and wires. With clear aligners, all you need to do is remove your aligners before you eat or drink anything but water. Remember to put them back in when you are finished and to clean your aligners often, so no harmful bacteria builds. As long as you take care of your aligners, you can enjoy all of your favorite treats without worrying about slowing your treatment progress.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Our Invisalign treatment plans are unique to every patient because each of our patients has specific orthodontic needs and goals to be addressed through treatment. If you have more severe orthodontic issues, you may have to remain in Invisalign longer and receive more pairs of aligners. While every patient is different, many Invisalign wearers complete treatment within one to two years. To figure out how long you would be in treatment, schedule a free consultation today, and we can give a realistic timeframe that takes your needs and goals into account.

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

Invisalign Teen works very similarly to Invisalign for adults. It consists of a series of clear aligners that are printed to fit your mouth perfectly and shift your teeth until you achieve beautiful results. You will receive a new pair of aligners every two weeks that are changed slightly to move your teeth closer to your desired smile. Using a 3D imaging system that fits the aligners to every groove of your mouth and printing the appliance in a special thermoplastic, we can ensure that you enjoy a comfortable and effective treatment experience.

One aspect of Invisalign Teen that is unique to younger patients is the compliance indicator located toward the back of the aligners. These indicators are small symbols that fade as you consistently wear your aligners for the two-week period. If you leave your aligners out for long periods of time, then the symbol will still be visible when it comes time for a new set of aligners. If you still see the symbol after the two weeks, this is a sign that you need to prioritize consistently wearing your Invisalign moving forward so that you can have the best results possible.

What Happens If My Teen Loses an Aligner?

Accidents happen, and we want you to rest assured that we will help you solve any problems you may have during treatment. If your teen misplaces their aligner at school or accidentally throws it away, contact us immediately and we will create a plan for your next steps. If they are close to their next set, we may give them this pair of aligners early. If they still need the shape of their previous set, we can easily replace the aligners so your teen can enjoy consistent progress. There is no need to worry, but it is important that you let our office know as soon as possible so their smile doesn’t shift away from the desired results.