Forever Smiles Orthodontics is dedicated to providing our diverse community with flexible treatments that have high-quality results. In pursuit of this goal, we offer Invisalign, a corrective treatment that consists of a series of clear aligners that will give you ultimate freedom as you progress toward a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. If you’ve been looking for a discrete form of treatment that will address your orthodontic needs and goals, Invisalign may be the right choice for you.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are printed based on a 3D image we take of your mouth, so they fit snugly over your teeth and provide consistent pressure. Every two weeks, you will receive a new pair of aligners that have been altered slightly and will shift your teeth closer to the best position for your forever smile. This treatment is virtually invisible and easily removable, so its wearers don’t have to make changes to their lifestyle to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

Even though the aligners can be easily removed, they have to stay on your teeth for at least 20-22 hours. If they are less than that, your teeth may begin to shift unfavorably, and your progress will be slowed. While two to four hours may not seem like a lot of time, this allows you to eat sweet treats, take pictures with your friends, play your favorite sport, and more. It also makes it easier for you to maintain great oral health because you can remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.

Technology Used

Our office prides itself on serving as a standard for modern orthodontics by incorporating the latest technology and techniques into our treatment plans. With Invisalign, we use this technology to give our patients a comprehensive view of their treatment and create a perfectly tailored appliance. To begin treatment, we will use a 3D imaging system to take a picture of your mouth and jaw that gives us a clearer view of your orthodontic needs. We can also digitally alter this image and show you what your smile will look like after you’ve completed Invisalign treatment.

What makes this process so unique is that patients have a greater say than ever in their forever smiles, and they can make requests for treatment based on the projected results. Once a patient and our team have decided on the final product, our doctor will craft a plan that includes aligners that fit every groove of the mouth and gently shift teeth into place over time. We will have the first pair printed using a comfortable thermoplastic, and the Invisalign journey can begin.


Invisalign has gained popularity in recent years for its ability to deliver consistently beautiful smiles while being almost virtually invisible. From orthodontic issues big to small, this revolutionary appliance is equipped to address every need with comfortable treatment. Patients of all ages appreciate the clean esthetics of the clear aligners and enjoy having complete freedom during their treatment process. While in braces, patients have to avoid certain foods or get used to metal brackets and wires on their teeth. In Invisalign, wearers are free to eat whatever they like while maintaining a metal-free smile.

Another way that Invisalign flexes to fit the lifestyle of its wearers is that you will have fewer appointments with our office during your process. While we love interacting with our patients and building upon relationships, we completely understand that schedules get busy, and an additional orthodontist appointment can be difficult to include. For your Invisalign treatment plan, we will already have a set series of aligners designed from the start, and you will receive these aligners every two weeks without the need for frequent adjustments. When you do have an appointment to check on your progress, they will be short and sweet because of the nature of the appliance.

Because you can easily remove your aligners, it is easy for patients to maintain their current level of oral health and keep their mouth and appliance clean. Without brackets and wires in the way, you should have no problems when brushing twice a day and flossing often. To keep your aligners clean, take a toothbrush and warm water and scrub the appliance inside and out to remove any harmful bacteria or food debris. Keeping your mouth healthy is essential during treatment, and you can protect your investment of time and money by taking care of both your oral hygiene and Invisalign aligners.